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Gnix FRP Fumehood

The Gnix FRP Fumehood  was developed for heavy industrial and university use, where high chemical resistance and longevity are required. Designed and built to withstand the most rigorous of uses and conditions, Gnix fumehoods are set apart by the unique FRP moulded chamber and fascias.


A wide range if sizes and configurations are available including 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm in width.


The Gnix Fumehoods are fully compliant with EN14175 and BS:7258 Parts 1-4.


Gnix Fumehoods feature extra large radiused corners for good airflow performance.

Features and Standard of Gnix FRP Fumehood


 One-piece FRP moulded inner chamber with large radius corners to eliminate entrapment of contaminants.

 Full width removable and one piece baffle for improved fume scavenging and even the air velocity.

 Frontal access panel is easy to open to reach to duct connection, light assembly and sash mechanism.

 Bypass opening located at the top of the fumehood maintains even face velocity.

 Aerodynamically  designed FRP aerofoil enhance smooth air flow and to reduce the turbulence.

 Vertically sliding 6mm thick tempered glass with handle. Sash suspended on 2-3mm stainless steel cables running over nylon pulleys with roller bearings.

 Polyester powder coated steel support frame.

 Twin fluorescent light provide 750Lux at the work surface.

 The control valves for the water, gas and the air services are mounted on the front service rail and outlets on the side walls of the chamber

 25mm thick DURCON Epoxy Resin worktop with a 5mm dish molded provide durability and heavy chemical resistance..

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